#visitlakecharles: 24 Hour Foodie in Lake Charles

I have a habit of creating my “24-hour foodie” day for all of my favorite cities & neighborhoods. Call me crazy, but it gives me comfort to know exactly which meals I would carefully choose if I only had 24 hours left in this wild world. This is just how a foodie’s brain operates.
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# VISITLAKECHARLESLake Charles Local: New Video Series

It’s been the trend for the last couple of years when you visit a destination – you want to dive right in and experience the area on a more LOCAL level. Seeing an area from a local’s perspective can reveal those hidden gems and one of a kind experiences that can be overlooked if you are only following a brochure or travel map. That’s why we decided to highlight these experiences with a new video series called Lake Charles Local.
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How Unstaged Rooms Hamper a Home Sale | Realtor Magazine

Sellers may be shooting themselves in the foot when they leave an empty, dark, or cluttered room unstaged, according to a recent realtor.com® article. Empty rooms, for example, can “kill a home sale, especially if the other rooms are furnished,” says Allison Bethell of FitSmallBusiness.com.
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Located in the Southwest corner of Louisiana, Lake Charles continues to out perform all other MSA’s in the state. Please take time to read this great article about the place we call home. New home construction is at an all time high. If you are new to the area, give me a call to discuss your real estate needs – whether residential or commercial let’s talk.

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19 Top Lake Charles Events Happening in April 2018

Sunshine is finally in the daily forecasts, and everyone is just itching to begin their spring break now that the weather has finally caught up with the season. These are only a handful of all the fantastic events coming to Lake Charles in April 2018.
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